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Serving the New Generation of African entrepreneurs

Turning vision into profitable reality

With offices in Dubai, Mauritius, Abuja and Toronto, and multiple companies in West Africa, Kappafrik is emerging as the leading African Family Office and Investment Cooperative dedicated to supporting the growth of Entrepreneurial Families committed to building Industrial Capacity in Africa. 


We are the common investment platform to a group of successful first and second-generation families of African Entrepreneurs who pooled their resources to invest in a wide portfolio of African Industries, SMEs and high-growth start-ups centred on the Energy & Utilities sectors.


The Investment Strategy of the Group aims at a dual objective of Capital Appreciation, long-term dividends and Societal Impact, and a strong sense of our mentoring responsibility towards the next generation. Beyond Private Equity Portfolio Management and its associated M&A work, our activities also include more personal Family Office tasks like curating Art Collections, managing lifestyle assets and Change & Crisis management, in good times and in difficult times too, we are always siding with African Entrepreneurs with a Purpose.


Always welcome to integrate new partners in our “African Wealth Cooperative”, we join, help, bring together and encourage fair and efficiently structured cooperation between the African Entrepreneurs who adhere to our values and chose to associate with the Kappafrik Group. 


Truth and Passion leads to a fulfilling Life.

Fairness and Lucidity enable sustained Wealth, peaceful Growth & Societal Progress.


Our Objective is to contribute to Capacity Building in Africa by acting as Catalyst in the growth of key Infrastructure & Energy projects, Partners of choice to the select African Entrepreneurs demonstrating our key Values, as well as mentors and investors in all credible and significant collaborative ventures and Cooperatives, always striving to meld the best Local Entrepreneurs promoting ambitious & sustainable projects with the most reliable, competent and fair Strategic Partners and Capital providers.​


Integrity & Honesty

Respect & Tolerance

Drive & Passion

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Powerful Collaborations

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Added value

We draw on our team competence, knowledge, network.  negotiating, forecasting, valuation, and financing skills and abilities to successfully provide added value to our Partner supporting their Growth & Development plans.

We help, as consultants, international investors with West Africa portfolio to solve crisis or resolve issues relating to their portfolio companies titles and dividend flow and to settle amicably tense situations before they become legal litigations in court.


Luxury lifestyle - African Wealth Cooperative

Wealth management and family offices services for the creation of an African wealth cooperative!

Kappafrik Group is present in all family offices’ life cycles and is a partner of choice for their developments and the success of their founders. 

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Develop and provide cloud technology and commercial platform for the settlement of payments for the Electric
Power Industry.

Monaplix logo.png

Owns and operates a fleet of Vessels on charter and wet & dry lease basis for
the Oil&Gas Industry.

oil word logo.png

Owns and Operates Oil&Gas Exploration
and Production asset in Nigeria (OPL241).

VGG logo.png

Co-develop and Invests in G2B/B2B Fintech ventures in Sub -Saharan Africa.

productive people logo.png

Provides recruitment services, consultancy and
labour contracting services to the Energy & Services sectors.

bresson logo.png

Develops, Owns and operates Power
Generation Plants to Heavy Industries and Parastatals.

petrolog logo.png

Petrolog, a private company, established 30 years ago as an oil service company.

REO logo_edited.png

Owns Equity in Clean Power generation
Companies and Assets in Emerging Markets. Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (ticker REO.CN).

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HydroPolis Investment Limited is developing an Industrial Park in Niger State, with residential accommodation, commercial and industrial outlets as well as a private university while enjoying constant energy supply.

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Trades in pharmaceutical and veterinary products and provides related services in EMEA.

Kappafrik owns the exclusive rights to the KCoin Blockchain Asset and tokens available on the Waves.Exchange

(Utility Token ID FEYv6XoxdHXgVyo3ogcjfUPW3mGc7xxFVtpWUdakXhmb)

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